Sermons 2013

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29 Pastor Judy – Be Ready with Your Salvation

22 Pastor Andrew – The Unexpected Gift

15 Pastor Dan – The Greatest Gift

8  Stephen Hertzog – What About Joseph? The President of Vanguard College inspired us with his message about Joseph, adopted father of Jesus.

1  No Sermon as a Fox News presentation of Billy Graham was shown.


24 (AM) Pastor Dan – The Opportunity of Time

24 (PM) Pastor Judy – How to Enjoy Christmas

17 (AM) Pastor Andrew – True Worship

17 (PM) Pastor Judy – The Vicious Cycle of Sin

10 AM Pastor Dan – The Persecuted Church

10 PM Pastor Judy – The Truth About Sin

3  Pastor Dan – (1)Tithing and (2)God Will Strengthen You. Both sermons for this week are on one recording; the second will start at 22:48. J.K.


27 Pastor Judy – Amazing Love

20 Pastor Dan – Called to Serve

13 Pastor Dan – Bless the Lord

6 Pastor Dan – Baptism Service


29 Pastor Dan – The 10 Percent

22 The Johnson Family – (no sermon recording)

15 Pastor Andrew – Words

8 Pastor Dan – Wheat and Weeds

1  Pastor Judy – REVELATION, The Last Days


25 Pastor Andrew – The Influence of Jesus

18 Pastor Dan – Serving Faithfully – With Love

11 Pastor Dan – Many Parts, 1 Body

4 Pastor Andrew – Tough Questions


28 Pastor Andrew – Extraordinary

21 Pastor Judy – Missing the Point

14 Pastor Dan – Seek God’s Kingdom … Like a Child

7 Pastor Dan – Love Your Enemy


30 Pastor Dan – Jesus IS THE WAY

23 Pastor Michael Voll – The Cost of Discipleship

16 Pastor Judy – The World According to Fathers

9 Pastor Judy – Spiritual Walk

2  Pastor Dan – With God You Are Able


26 Pastor Judy – Victory Over Trials

19 Pastor Dan – Too Good and IS True

12 Pastor Dan A Virtuous Woman

5 Pastor Dan – The Crime of Pride


14 Pastor Judy – Rest in His Word

7: Pastor Dan – Washing Feet


17: Pastor Judy- How To Fight

10: Pastor Dan- Keep Oil In Your Lamp

3: Special Guest WECA Youth Group Pastor Jordan Culham- Generational Blessings


24: No recording for this service

17: Pastor Dan- The Spirit of The Lord Is Upon Me

10: Pastor David- Baptism Sermonette

3: Pastor Dan- Vision (The Great Commission)


27: Pastor David- Faith Like A Child Part II

20: Pastor David- Faith Like A Child

14: Pastor Judy- Follow Jesus

6: Pastor Dan- Make The Most of Your Time